De făcut


I’ve been trying to lose weight so I decided
to cut down to half on everything I ate
half calories
half carbs
half pizza
half cake
half spoon of sugar
half glass of juice
and kept on counting every gram that I would lose
but even though I managed to
burn some fat, the weight stuck through
right on my shoulder
growing me older
just hanging around
and weighing me down
keeping me bulky
turning me sulky
unable to move
unable to prove
to myself and the world around
that I could lift my spirit from the ground

so I decided once again I would lose weight
this time by cutting down on all of my halfs
half lovers just half sure of how they felt
half friendships half support and half contempt
half respect half given, when convenient
half chances with a catch half hidden
half promises half kept-half gritted
half truths half told-half twisted

half shadows-half light
half forgiveness-half spite
half passion-half flame
half committment-half games
half baggage-half clutter
half listening-half chatter

half trusting half transparent-half blind
half choices half picked-half changed-my-minds
and my shoulders have never felt lighter
and my dreams have never gripped tighter

never again will I wonder
if my glass is half full or half empty or half sundered
never again will I blunder
being someone’s backup
someone’s hookup
someone’s screwup
never again will I trade my downs for their ups
’cause I’ll only be drinking out of overflowing cups
even if they’re filled
with poison.

Featured image by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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